Our values are important, and I’m talking values like our people, our culture and our planet, not equity and status.

At ART we care

We are doing our best to lower our carbon footprint everyday. We also donate our time, money and resources to help our communities. We are passionate about these projects and are proud of the hard work (sweat and tears included) we have put in, and continue to put into them.

To support our society, our philanthropic initiatives reflect a genuine commitment to our Australian Indigenous communities. We are in partnership with Traditional Cultural Practices (TCP) an Elders led NGO dedicated to ensuring that traditional Cultural practices and knowledge from the World’s oldest living Culture is protected, maintained and lives on. Through donation of funds, resources and employee pro bono work ART aims to give back and assist Indigenous People in making positive changes to protect the environment, keep their communities strong to keep their cultures alive.  For more information on this initiative head to traditionalculturalpractices.org


In the early part of 2019 ART were invited to project manage and build an Elders retreat (Elders cabin and bathroom facility) close to traditional ceremony ground on the Yuin Nation, Brogo River Southern NSW. This has created an opportunity for Elders to remain in this remote area while conducting Cultural reconnection and Healing programs with their Community. AT the completion of the project this fantastic group of First Nations men came and camped by the Elders retreat, the Cultural reconnection camp was for ten days. Along with our charitable partner TCP we are continuing to support Cultural empowerment programs for Men and Women in this area. 

This project was proudly supported by ART. We built a cabin and bathroom facility for Elders to have some comfort while they conduct Community empowering Cultural work in this remote area. Completed September 2019.

Well beyond mobile phone range and led by Hope Vale Elders of Cape York, healing on Country takes place.

ART is continuing its focus on supporting Mens Healing Camps during 2020/21 and through this work with our charitable partner TCP create the Healing on Country Report, this will be narrated by Cape York Elders and used to support a transition to Elder led on country healing programs across Australia. Please view the short film to gain an insight into the importance of this work.

Galupa – Women and Children Safety House

This project was designed by Yolngu Elders in partnership with ART and its charitable partner Traditional Cultural Practices to support the Women and Children of the Gove Peninsula escape the negative impacts of domestic violence across their regeon. The young Women and their Children (up to twenty at a time) visit or live at Galupa Community a fifteen minute drive from the town of Nhulunbuy / Gove N.T. and are led and supported by Gumatj clan Elder Gayili Marika Yunupingu. Galupa is primarily a Women and Children’s Community. In 2019 ART constructed a Safety House for the Community and plan to return in 2020/21 to manage the construction of The Galupa Cultural School and to rebuild the Communities only ablution block. ART would also like to invite our partners in business to join us in creating the Cultural School at Galupa.

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