When it comes to ensuring a long lasting structure, regular maintenance compliance is the key to looking after your investment. We offer maintenance on all towers and equipment.

Maintenance is the single most commonly overlooked aspect of most projects, and if not undertaken correctly, can quickly become a very costly exercise.

At completion of installation, all ART products come with a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure the safety and viability of your structures. With the reasonable, consistent and cost effective maintenance offered by the ART team we can guarantee the longevity in your investment.

With regular maintenance the ART team can continue to safely climb, undertake the necessary repairs and leave your asset in good condition. For most installations, the first maintenance check to be carried out 6 months after original installation with 2 yearly maintenance checks thereafter.


Mast maintenance will include but is not limited to the checking/inspection, the appropriate  remedial works, and adjustments of;

  • Anchor points
  • Guy terminations
  • Mast alignment and guy wire tensioning
  • Fall arrest system
  • Stock fencing
  • Anti climb Guard
  • Instrument cabling
  • Earthing system
  • Boom arms and connectors
  • Sensors, instruments, Dishes and/or antennas
  • Solar panel and cabling – clean panel
  • Logger enclosure
  • Rust proofing and prevention
  • Minor rectification work


  • The Lad-Saf system is inspected for excessive cable slack or cable damage without climbing the system.
  • The bottom is inspected for damage, corrosion, cracks, bends or wear that could affect the strength and operation of the system.
  • Cable is inspected for any damage and replaced if necessary. The cable must not touch any part of the structure, cable guide must not be worn or bent and still clamps the cable.
  • Top brackets are checked for damage, corrosion, cracks, bends or wear that could affect the strength and operation of the system.
  • We inspect the ladder or climbing pegs for damage or deterioration that may affect the structure and the ability to climb safely.
  • A system checklist is completed.