All solutions start with concept design. With our design-led approach to each & every project, we ensure the delivery of creative solutions built in collaboration with our clients to produce the very best results for you, everytime.

Design Led Thinking

We know that every business, every brief and every site requires different creative thinking to produce the very best results and our progressive approach to design thinking starts with human-centred reasoning. Where we seek to understand your specific needs. To redefine the solutions that best suits you to ensure the successful delivery of your project.

We systematically work in tandem with our clients throughout every phase of the project’s lifecycle to guarantee that we successfully deliver on your project ambitions. Consistently putting into practice everything we’re learnt over our 47 years of working and operating in the industry.

While ART maintains a strong legacy working in the radio tower and high access rigging industry here in Australia and Internationally, we continue to develop our products and services to cater to all your needs. Focusing on developing innovative and progressive solutions to push your business into the future, while looking after your bottom line.

Having invested in the development of an inhouse research & development team, you can be sure that no matter the challenge, ART will deliver nothing but the highest quality, industry leading solutions to suit your specific needs.

While our in-house team handles all practical aspects of design we engage industry leading independent structural engineers to design all structural aspects to ensure the absolute highest quality & standard product for you and your business. When engaging ART you can be sure that the following Australian design codes are adhered to :

  • AS1170: SAA Loading Code, Part 1 – Dead and Live Loads
  • AS1170:  SAA Loading Code, Part 2 – Wind Forces
  • AS1891.4:2000 Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices
  • AS3995:1994 Design of Steel Lattice Towers and Masts
  • AS3600: SAA Concrete Structural Code
  • AS4100: SAA Steel Structures Code