Emergency Services

When rapid deployment really matters ART is here to ensure fast, effective and reliable solutions to suit the needs of your emergency response team.

Fast, effective and reliable solutions.

In any emergency, there are two things that make an immense difference. Access to communication networks & a power supply. At Australian Radio Towers, we understand the importance of robust and reliable systems when responding to emergency situations.

Our environment is changing fast and as a result we’re experiencing more severe and frequently catastrophic weather events such as bushfires and floods. Our ability to respond appropriately is vital. ART’s long history working in the most extreme conditions the Australian environment can throw at us positions us to effectively mobilise the resources you need to compact any situation.

There’s no time to waste in these situations, so the ART team will work in tandem with your emergency services unit to ensure you have everything you need, that all set up has been undertaken correctly and all systems are up and running.

Regular maintenance programs are also provided for existing infrastructure so that you can guarantee reliability when you need it the most.

Some of the products and services we offer are:

Emergency Services

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