Whether you’re building a communications tower in Metropolitan Sydney or a wind farm in remote areas of the Northern Territory, our team have the skills, experience and ambition to successfully deploy, construct and install all aspects of your projects build.

Construction with the Australian environment in mind.

Over the years we’ve continued to develop our installation methods to suit the extreme conditions of the Australian environment. With a keen focus on delivering long lasting, safe and durable installs, our highly experienced team of riggers specialise in remote location work.

No matter the terrain, our team can make it happen.

We strongly believe that a remote site shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on quality and the timely completion of your project. Throughout the design and manufacturing phases of each project, considerations are made for your location and environmental conditions to ensure requirements such as transportation, installation & maintenance is undertaken and completed efficiently.

We encourage a culture of progressive thinkers and problems solvers. Cultivating a positive and supportive work environment that enhances our teams knowledge, craftsmanship and creativity. Allowing us to think on our feet, to develop an intimate understanding of the environmental challenges of each site and to tackle the most unlikely challenges that the Australian environment can throw at us. It’s not uncommon for our on-site experience to cover everything from helicopter installation, crane installation, free standing tower installation as well as manual gin pole installation and winch installations. All installs delivered by ART are ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 45001 (safety) compliant. All stages in a project’s life cycle are carefully managed to ensure these standards are met at all times and the most rigorous safety measures are adhered to.