Our manufacturing facilities have been designed to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship. With all our products considerately designed with the rugged Australian climate in mind.

Australian made fabrication and manufacturing

Our manufacturing facilities, based in Murwillumbah, NSW have been designed to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship. With a 1200m² workshop floor, we can cater to all your manufacturing needs and we continue to deliver products built to withstand the Australian climate. Considerations have been made for all aspects of manufacturing & fabrication including areas for general fabrication, mast fabrication, aluminium and stainless fabrication, rigging equipment preparation and pre-dispatch packing and storage. From mast sections to mounting brackets, our manufacturing team are able to custom design, fabricate and construct just about anything. All of which is overseen by our dedicated workshop manager.

Where possible, Australian materials are always sourced in preference so we can ensure you see all the benefits of Australian manufactured products. Our stringent quality control process has been implemented to guarantee you’re delivered the highest quality product. With an accountability trail for each aspect of the build, we have traceability aspects in place from steel sourcing to welding technician.

Fabrication is carried out using the Gas Metal Arc Welding (G.M.A.W) process in accordance with the above design specifications and meets all relevant Australian Standards.

  • Fabrication is in accordance with the drawings provided
  • AS 4100 Steel Structures Code
  • AS 3995 Cl 3.5 Weld Standard
  • Only Special Purpose Welding qualified tradesmen carry out welding
  • Each mast section is ID stamped
  • Products are independently tested

Weld types and procedures have been approved and certified by a NATA approved certifier. Fabrication information is recorded as follows:

  • ID number
  • Date of manufacture
  • Name and license number of welder
  • Weld wire and gas batch number
  • Type of welds
  • Diagram of weld positions
  • Name and address of steel merchant
  • Name and address of galvaniser
  • Independent certification of weld quality