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Temporary power and communications solutions for your upcoming event


There is no denying that supplying temporary power and communications infrastructure for a large group of people is no easy feat, and it’s often a painful task to undertake. But our range of temporary communications and power solutions provide systems that are easy to assemble, manage and use. We have a range of guyed masts, self supporting towers and portable power systems, designed to service your next festival or event without a hitch. 

We have the following products ready to go:

  • Mobile solar solutions for festivals
  • Radio towers solutions for festivals
  • Communication solutions for festivals

Our portable solar solutions can be deployed as three phase or single phase options, with the ability to be deployed across any site size, big or small. With built in battery storage and remote monitoring systems that can manage up to nine units with synchronicity, Australian Radio Towers have the ability to provide truly versatile and agile power and communications options. Our remote monitoring systems will allow you to monitor power usage throughout your event, making sure you can manage changes to the system load, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Paired with our temporary guyed mast and self supporting tower solutions that will ensure that communication across the site is working perfectly, your site is guaranteed to meet the highest safety standards while providing the best possible utility services for yourself, your team and your guests.

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