With 40 years experience working in the defense industry, ART’s track record of successful project delivery is unsurpassable.

Where legacy meets progressive thinking

Australian Radio Towers has been servicing the defense sector for over 40 years. Which has continued to afford us the opportunity to represent our very best work, in an industry focused on pushing the bounds of innovative practices and performance enhancement. We’ve continued to deliver communications solutions developed to meet the specific needs of the industry to the highest standard.

Our quality craftsmanship, creative thinking and lateral approach to problem solving is paired with a deep understanding of the sensitive nature of all defense work. With the policies and procedures necessary to adhere to protocol already embedded in our day to day work practices.

With the ability to guarantee end to end project delivery you can be assured that all aspects of your project is being developed by our in-house team, allowing us to streamline and intimately manage every aspect of your sensitive infrastructure development.

We have a strong commitment to maintaining our presence in the defense sector and continue to invest in our internal research & development department to ensure our continued positioning as industry leaders. To continue to push the boundaries of our performance and that of our infrastructure builds. ART’s maintained ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 45001 (safety) compliance ensures all work undertaken by the ART team meets all quality & safety standards.

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