Our History

Based in Murwillumbah, NSW we have a long and proud legacy of successfully servicing government, military, public and private utilities. Having worked with clients here in Australia and internationally since 1973.

The Australian RADIO TOWER History

The history of Australian Radio Towers all started in South Australia back in 1973. Back then, it was a small family business with people who had a dream, passion and commitment to be one of the pioneers in the Australian radio tower industry.

Forty-seven years later, we’re still a 100% family-owned and operated Australian radio tower business with the same passion and commitment in our culture, team members and everything we do.

From South Australia To The Northern Territory

After deciding to move from South Australia to the Northern Territory where we operated for almost 15 years, it was here we learnt the true meaning of innovation, remote location and how to work in the most challenging environments imaginable.

Those experiences tested our innovation, personal service, quality of workmanship and industry every day and have resulted in private, government and the military relying on us for radio masts, weather monitoring solutions and towers from every manufacturer in Australia and overseas.

Additionally, every stage of your project is carried out by our own highly trained and experienced team who are all employees of ART which is another thing we’re incredibly proud of at Australian Radio Towers. While many competitors may outsource parts of your project, we don’t so you receive the highest quality of workmanship, service and people who have intimate knowledge of your project from start to finish.

2003 Manufacturing

Before 2003 Australian Radio Towers was focused primarily on installation, and we have installed thousands. The experience we gained meant that by the time we started manufacturing, we had gained a comprehensive knowledge to enable us to produce more productive and more user-friendly designs and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Additionally, over our 47-year history, we’ve evolved in every area of our operation, products and services. These days our on-site experience includes but is not limited to helicopter and crane installations, weather monitoring solutions as well as manual gin pole and winch installations.

With a proud and proven history spanning 47 years the Australian Radio Towers family is well-positioned to serve you in all facets of your project proactively and professionally which in our opinion is one of the most important aspects of a service-based business.

The Australian Radio Towers Murwillumbah team are ready to learn more about you and your project. Please contact us today on 02 6672 6200 to ensure your project is a huge success and delivers the positive results you desire.