ART transforms lattice mast installation

ART transforms lattice mast installation

Is safe working at heights an issue for your company


We have recently re developed our entire guyed lattice mast range so the masts can be installed as a tilt up masts, meaning they can be installed without climbing the mast at all. Even the equipment on the mast can be installed before it is lifted into position.

The entire procedure is done without the use of a crane. A video that shows the process on our tubular mast range can be found by following this link

We will be shortly erecting 3 x 80m tilt up lattice masts and will post a video on these installations.

For companies that are concerned about working at heights, this system can reduce the need to climb not only during installation but also for maintenance and installation of additional equipment.

As masts are still climbable should it be required, the use of an anti climb barrier is a recommended addition to prevent unauthorised personnel accessing the mast.

Please call our office for further information.