Guyed Lattice Mast


We have 4 kinds of guyed masts that we manufacture. Each of these can be from 70m nominal height to 120m nominal height.

• GL36
• GL55
• GL75
• GL91

Generally the most cost effective means of providing a suitable structure, the down side being that they require a larger foot print than a free standing tower. A unique feature of our lattice mast range is that they can be built as a traditional stackable mast or (depending on the application and antenna load) they can also be built as a tilt up mast, meaning they can be built as one long unit on the ground and then raised up without having to climb or work at heights.

Our masts can also be built from Galvanised steel or from long lasting 316 Stainless Steel. You also have the option of something more custom built to your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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