Masts & Towers Services

We have been installing masts and towers since 1973 and have installed and supplied masts and towers from just about every supplier all over Australia; for everyone from the Military to the radio network.

We have extensive experience in communication and wind monitoring systems in remote locations, island communities and for international clients.

We pride ourselves on a reputation second to none for fast, efficient and reliable service within the telecommunications and wind farming industry.

We cover all facets of mast and tower construction and equipment installation including but not limited to:

  • Guyed masts
  • Free standing towers
  • Footings and anchors
  • Cabling
  • Antennas
  • Satellite dishes
  • Wind monitoring equipment
  • Safety inspections
  • Maintenance inspections

We have installed well over 4000 masts and have erected masts and towers from every manufacturer in Australia. We are experts in remote location and difficult to access sites.

By nature masts and towers are usually built in areas that are hard to get to. We are familiar with all of the difficulties encountered accessing these types of sites.

Maintenance services

Having extensive experience in all aspects of the mast and tower industry makes ART the perfect choice for all maintenance requirements from routine maintenance to emergency response and even site audits.

One of our strengths is the experience we have in guyed mast structures, which are a real ART form to carry out properly due to the fine adjustments required to get not only the guy tensions correct but the mast alignment as well.

We also have RF engineers that allow us to combine structural maintenance with RF maintenance.

We are happy to provide you with one off maintenance services or long term maintenance contracts. Please us the contact form below for more information

Installation methods

Gin Pole installations

This section is currently under construction, more information coming soon.

Crane installations

This section is currently under construction, more information coming soon.

Helicopter installations

This section is currently under construction, more information coming soon.

Remote location work

Australia is a diverse country and is host to some of the harshest and hardest to access environments on the planet.

The challenges brought about when working in these areas are something which keeps our work exciting and interesting, it’s an area that we really enjoy.

Over the years we have developed our mast designs, installation methods, plant and equipment and staff training methods to suit these environments specifically. In particular, we have enjoyed the extensive work we have carried out in remote Indigenous and Island communities, as well as many of the gas and oil fields throughout Australia.

Please refer to our Site Reference Map on the Home Page to see some of the locations we have worked in and the projects we have completed.

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