We have 1200m2 of workshop floor space which has been divisionalized into separate areas for general fabricationmast fabricationaluminium and stainless fabricationrigging equipment preparation and pre-dispatch packing and storage.

We have a full in-house workshop with an experienced Workshop Manger overseeing production.

We fabricate all of our own products, from mast sections to mounting brackets, and are able to custom design and fabricate just about any component required.

We have stringent quality control processes in place which produce a paper and accountability trail for every product we make. Each and every section has its own manufacture certificate which shows everything from the batch number of the steel, gas and welding wire to the person who welded each and every individual weld.

Similarly, all rigging equipment has the same accountability and paper trail with its own dispatch and product certificate.

Design Specifications for Masts and Towers

The practical designs of our masts and towers have been developed directly by ART. The structural designs have been engineered by independent structural engineers to the following Australian design codes:

  • AS1170                   SAA Loading Code, Part 1 – Dead and Live Loads
  • AS1170                   SAA Loading Code, Part 2 – Wind Forces
  • AS1891.4:2000    Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices
  • AS3995:1994        Design of Steel Lattice Towers and Masts
  • AS3600                    SAA Concrete Structural Code
  • AS4100                    SAA Steel Structures Code

Fabrication Specifications for Masts and Towers

Fabrication is carried out using the Gas Metal Arc Welding (G.M.A.W) process in accordance with the above design specifications and meets all relevant Australian Standards.

  • Fabrication is in accordance with the drawings provided
  • AS 4100 Steel Structures Code
  • AS 3995 Cl 3.5 Weld Standard
  • Only Special Purpose Welding qualified tradesmen carry out welding
  • Each mast section is ID stamped
  • Products are independently tested

Weld types and procedures have been approved and certified by a NATA approved certifier. Fabrication information is recorded as follows:

  • ID number
  • Date of manufacture
  • Name and license number of welder
  • Weld wire and gas batch number
  • Type of welds
  • Diagram of weld positions
  • Name and address of steel merchant
  • Name and address of galvaniser
  • Independent certification of weld quality

Quality Control


Every mast dispatched from ART has a complete quality control documentation process which records all information relating to the mast. Documents are available on request and are made up of the following:

Each mast section or fabricated component:

  • Mast section serial number
  • Steel supplier
  • Steel type and batch number
  • Gas supplier and batch number
  • Welding wire supplier, type and batch number
  • Diagram of each weld and the name of the welder

Rigging components and accessories:

  • Supplier
  • Batch number
  • Type of product
  • Size and diameter
  • Quantity supplied

Mast Fabrication

All mast sections are subject to a strict quality control process.

The mast sections and components are stamped with individual serial numbers providing a traceable paper trail which documents all aspects of the product, from the steel supplier through to the person responsible for each and every weld.

Our mast sections are independently tested as standard practice.

All documentation is filed in our management system and is available on request.

Rigging Equipment

Similarly, all rigging equipment is put through a quality control system where each component has the supplier and batch numbers recorded as part of the packing system.

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