System Design

ART offer system design services and advice. Designing the correct system for the specific requirement of your site is essential to the value of your project.

We can design or offer advise on a system layout that will best serve your individual needs and requirements.

System specification advice to meet current standards (eg. IEC 61400-12-1) is available from an experienced engineer with over 20 years experience in the Renewable Energy industry.

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Rapid Response System Maintenance

The importance of having a continual stream of data from your wind system is a vital part of ensuring that the best possible information has been collected.

System break downs, such as faulty sensors etc can impede this flow of information, therefore rapid response to system faults is an important aspect of our service.

We offer a rapid response service and in most situations can have a service team on site within 24-48 hours.

System Inspections and Refits

Wind & solar system maintenance is an important part of collecting accurate data.

Most wind speed sensors are recommended to have re-calibration done every two years (this can be even more frequent for cheaper sensors). Most solar system sensors like pyranometers are  recommended to have re-calibration done every 12 months. This involves replacing the existing sensors with new calibrated sensors and sending the old ones away for re-calibration. The re-calibrated sensors will then be ready for use on the next system that needs this service.

Periodic inspections will also ensure that feeder cables, boom arms and mounts are kept in optimum condition and will reduce the likelihood of down time for your system.

Data Collection Service

ART can recommend the complete data collection and management services for all new and existing systems through one of the world’s leading wind monitoring data management companies  DNV GL.

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