ART & Leightons tilt up 83m guyed lattice mast

ART & Leightons tilt up 83m guyed lattice mast

ART & Leighton Contractors have just successfully installed what we believe to be the first 83m guyed lattice mast without working at heights or the use of a crane.

ART was contacted last year to see if we could build a series of 83m masts without working at heights. ART staff & engineers responded by re-designing our lattice mast to tilt up, yet still work as a traditional 3 way guyed mast.

We will be posting photos & a video of the procedure very soon.

For companies that are serious about the concerns of working at heights, this system can remove the need to climb not only during installation but also for maintenance and installation of additional equipment.

As masts are still climbable should it be required, the use of an anti climb barrier is a recommended addition to prevent unauthorised personnel accessing the mast.